Happy couple walking outside in the cityI was so proud of myself when I purchased my first life insurance policy 26 years ago. Just getting ready to tie the knot and start a life with my sweetheart, I felt the grown-up thing to do was to get life insurance. After all, my parents had supported me by co-signing the loans for my college education, so naturally I named them as my beneficiaries.

Well, the years do have a way of flying by, and both of my parents encountered health issues and passed away about ten years ago. While I still have treasured memories, I do not have them here to help me create new memories.

But in all those years, I just never gave my insurance policy another thought — and I certainly did not realize that as a bona fide adult I should be taking the time to update the beneficiaries on my certificate to reflect the changing circumstances of my life. Thank goodness my Financial Benefits Counselor took the time to review all of my finances, even those from years gone by.

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