mugs with various coffee drinks in them, placed in a circleHow much do you know about this lodge favorite? Take the quiz below to find out.

  1. Which country has the highest coffee consumption per capita?
    1. USA
    2. Norway
    3. Canada
    4. Finland
  1. What is “Karsk?”
    1. Scum that forms on top of coffee that has been sitting in the pot a little too long
    2. The most popular chain of coffee houses throughout Norway
    3. A Norwegian cocktail that mixes coffee and moonshine or vodka
    4. The nickname for decaf coffee in Norway
  1. What is the origin of coffee as a popular beverage in Norway and elsewhere?
    1. Eric the Red discovered coffee plants (of course) and brought them back to Norway. His family soon cooked up a stimulating drink for cold winter days and popularized roasting the beans.
    2. Viking traders in the dark ages drank coffee on their voyages to stay warm and awake during long nights at sea. Eventually they carried it home to great acclaim, and the coffee habit spread through Europe.
    3. Centuries ago an Ethiopian goat herder noticed his animals frolicking after eating a red berry, so he tried it for himself. In the 1600s an Indian pilgrim smuggled plants out of Arabia, beginning the European coffee trade that spread to all Nordic countries.

Answers:  1: D — Finland is #1. (Norway comes in at #2, Canada is #10 and the USA is a distant #25.) 2: C — Karsk is a popular cocktail from rural Norway. 3: C — Those must have been some happy, active goats!

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