A look at Norway’s coffee culture

In a recent list of the top ten coffee-consuming countries reported by WorldAtlas, half were Nordic countries. In fact, Norway claimed second place right behind Finland. Although it is very apparent from this list that Norwegians love their coffee, that has not always been the case.

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Cool Coffee Shops in Oslo

Attention coffee lovers! Have you read the March issue of Viking? Our cover story shows how coffee is a dynamic and versatile ingredient that can perk up both sweet and savory recipes. If you’re traveling to the Sons of Norway International Convention in August, be sure to check out page 8 for three café recommendations in Hamar.

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Nordic Coffee in NYC

In the January issue of Viking, we take readers on a Nordic tour of New York City. From cultural attractions, shops and restaurants, there are plenty of ways embrace your Scandinavian heritage in the Big Apple. As you explore, make sure to stop for a cup of Joe and a treat at these Nordic-inspired cafes. BÚÐIN This trendy café in Greenpoint [...]

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Norway’s Coffee Culture

Did you know that Scandinavians are among the world’s top coffee drinkers? Their love of coffee is more than just about an energy boost. It’s a cultural custom that has been bringing people together for centuries. Viking magazine’s November cover feature explores coffee in Norway—from the Nordic approach to brewing and top coffee shops. Plus, it’s no surprise that Norway is [...]

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