Three sisters lying down in the grass and smiling to the cameraWhen my children were born, the last thing I wanted to think about was the possibility that I might outlive these beautiful treasures. I was so caught up in the awe of being a parent to these healthy little dears that, for years, I thought only about the bright and wonderful futures each of them would have. It wasn’t until I sat down with my Financial Benefits Counselor that I realized purchasing life insurance for my children was a great and affordable way to help them achieve the bright futures I saw for them!

Not only could I select an insurance product that could build cash value for future use, but I was also protecting their insurability in case their health should change in any way. Plus, the premiums were less expensive given their young ages. Now, here we are years later and our oldest is planning her wedding! We are thrilled to be able to take a loan out of the certificate to help her with wedding expenses, and we plan to give her the certificate in a few years. For now, we will pay the premiums until the contract is paid up in just a few more years.

And, as she starts her new family, we know how important protecting her income will be—so of course we will be changing the beneficiary as well!