This game can help you have some fun, stay active, and maybe try a few new things while sheltering in place! Members AND non-members are eligible to play.

To win, you will need to like the Sons of Norway Facebook page and join the Official Sons of Norway Facebook Group.

The rules are simple:

  1. Complete a full row in any direction (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) to win.
  2. Get outside of your comfort zone and do something new.
  3. Have FUN!
  4. The first 10 people to call BINGO starting on Monday, April 27, will win a prize. To call BINGO, reply on the Sons of Norway Facebook page in the Bingo thread.

Bingo Activity Links

  1. Social distanced all day
  2. Donated to the Sons of Norway Foundation
  3. Read Viking magazine
  4. Liked Sons of Norway on Facebook
  5. Went for a walk
  6. Cleaned up living space
  7. Practiced self-care
  8. Wrote in a journal
  9. Practiced hygge / kos
  10. Learned 5 new words in Norwegian
  11. Washed hands for 20+ seconds
  12. Read a book by a Nordic author
  13. Joined Sons of Norway or recruited a member
  14. Watched a Norwegian movie
  15. Free Space
  16. Baked/cooked something Norwegian
  17. Took a Virtual Museum tour
  18. Watched Norwegian Slow TV
  19. Looked at Sons of Norway financial products
  20. Shared a Sons of Norway story
  21. Talked with a Sons of Norway Insurance Professional
  22. Practiced dugnad (volunteerism)
  23. Experienced friluftsliv
  24. Practiced a Norwegian folk art
  25. Read about Norwegian history