An interview with Linda Pederson

Fraternal Director Linda Pederson recently left Sons of Norway to move back to her hometown, Ålesund. Here’s a look back at her time with Sons of Norway, and what she’s up to now. How many years did you work with Sons of Norway and in which roles?

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Celebrate Our 125th Anniversary With Music From Norway’s Top Composer

As part of the celebration for our upcoming 125th Anniversary in 2020, Sons of Norway has commissioned a musical work from renowned Norwegian composer Kim Andre Arneson. Just in time for Christmas, this new work will have its world premiere in a series...

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Toward a Green Transition

When I was growing up, Norway wasn’t the rich, oil-producing, technologically advanced country that you see today. The last import restrictions on cars weren’t lifted until 1960. Telephone coverage was spotty: If you wanted a phone in your house, you might have to wait up to two years for a technician to come install one.

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Lodge Officer Updates 2020

In early October, lodge secretaries will be receiving their D63 Lodge Officer Update form for 2020. Elections are held in November, and the results should be reported to Sons of Norway Headquarters by 12/31/2019. You can report your election results using any of the following methods: Online Login to Enter your user name and password Click on the Lodge Officer Updates [...]

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All About the Vikings

In honor of Leif Erikson Day on Oct. 9, the October issue of Viking includes an article highlighting must-know facts about the Vikings. These Scandinavian explorers, traders, farmers and warriors settled across Europe and North America during the Viking Age. They conquered new lands and created a well-ordered society rich in culture and art. Here are five more facts to know about the Vikings.

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