Royal Fun

Have you read the April issue of Viking? Royal enthusiasts should check out our “Royal Tour of Norway” feature. The 1,000-plus-year-old Norwegian monarchy is one of the oldest in the world. Throughout the years, more than 60 kings have claimed the throne.

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Lær deg litt norsk!*

Finding yourself with extra free time lately? This is a great opportunity to *learn some Norwegian or improve on the language skills you already have. Beginners can learn the basics on our website. (Members, log in to hear phrases pronounced by native speakers.)

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Gender Equality = Smart Economics

Women’s empowerment lies at the heart of Norway’s economic policies. Gender equality means realizing the potential of both halves of the population. For Norway, women’s participation is a pillar of our welfare state and has played a key role in our economic growth.

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The Coolest Place in Oslo

There’s a new cultural hub on the east side of Oslo. You’ll definitely want to visit, but you probably can’t get in. Biblo Tøyen is a recently revamped youth library exclusively for kids ages 10 to 15. In 2019, the library was named one of the 50 coolest places in the world by TIME [Magazine] for Kids.

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Norway Ranked Best Place to Raise Kids

In a recent report released by The Lancet, Norway was ranked the best country in the world to raise kids. Following Norway were South Korea, the Netherlands, France and Ireland. The study was based on a variety of criteria including children’s education, nutrition and health.

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Skijoring: A Thrilling Nordic-inspired Winter Sport

If you’re looking for a unique way to enjoy Nordic-inspired outdoor winter fun with friends and family, consider skijoring! Blending elements of dogsledding and waterskiing, this thrilling sport involves being towed on skis behind a horse, dog or other animal—or in some variations, even a motor vehicle.

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Cool Coffee Shops in Oslo

Attention coffee lovers! Have you read the March issue of Viking? Our cover story shows how coffee is a dynamic and versatile ingredient that can perk up both sweet and savory recipes. If you’re traveling to the Sons of Norway International Convention in August, be sure to check out page 8 for three café recommendations in Hamar.

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Behind the Scenes of a Viking Photo Shoot

Have you ever wanted to know what goes into a Viking magazine photo shoot? Here’s your chance! The Viking team shot the March cover story in early January with recipe developer and food stylist Betsy Nelson, and photographer Terry Brennan. But planning for it started months earlier. Read on for a look at the process.

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Smart and Sustainable Cities

Cross-country skiing is a favorite Norwegian pastime. Norwegians will definitely be following our ski team as they participate in the World Cup race hosted in Minneapolis mid-March – the first time in two decades such a race has been held in the United States. This is a unique opportunity to showcase the sport to a broader audience. I’ll be there, and look forward to days filled with sports, debates and seminars.

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Norwegian Mountain Code: 9 Rules for Summit Safety

Norway is an incredible place to get outside and explore seaside coasts, majestic woodlands, plunging fjords and snow-capped mountains. Speaking of snow, check out the February issue of Viking magazine to read about Norway’s top ski resorts.

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