Cancelled – Poulsbo Bazaar & Julefest

**This Event is Cancelled** Poulsbo Sons of Norway lodge will hold its annual bazaar from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m., featuring thirty Scandinavian-themed vendors, plus pea soup, rømmegrøt, freshly grilled lefse, and more! The fun continues at Waterfront Park at dusk, where the Sons of Norway Vikings will escort the Lucia Bride and light the bonfire, followed by the Viking King’s reading of [...]

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Fårikål Dinner in Poulsbo

Join Poulsbo Sons of Norway for fårikål, lamb & cabbage dinner: Norway’s national dish! Served with roasted potatoes, carrots, lingonberries and traditional homemade rolls. The FINALE is one of the most famous Norwegian desserts: Tilslørte Bondepiker “Veiled farm girls” Apple parfait Order online for curbside pickup or to dine in the lodge's "Trolls' Den." Public is welcome to order for curbside pickup; [...]

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Norwegian companies pay employees to bike to work

With Norwegian society gradually re-opening since May, many offices are open for business again. To ensure that public transportation in Oslo can allow for proper distancing, authorities have asked residents to work from home, and to only use buses, trains and trams for essential travel.

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Allemannsretten – the Freedom to Roam

or all the similarities between Norwegian and American culture, I am perpetually fascinated by the differences, sometimes small and sometimes gaping, that I occasionally stumble across. One of the most interesting to me is the Norwegian concept of allemannsretten (ALL-eh-mahns-ret-en). Literally meaning “everyman’s right,” allemannsretten is also called “the freedom to roam” in English.

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