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Sons of Norway Quarantine Bingo

This game can help you have some fun, stay active, and maybe try a few new things while sheltering in place! Members AND non-members are eligible to play.

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Will Regional Reform Result in New Bunads?

As of January 2020, Norway’s 19 previous fylker (counties) have merged into 11, following a 2017 decision by Stortinget (the Norwegian parliament). Now that this regional reform has taken effect, does it follow that bunader (region-specific Norwegian folk costumes) will undergo a transformation?

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Cool New Buildings in Oslo

Oslo is filled with unique and stunning architecture, and a few new buildings will soon be adding to the city’s cultural cache. While many beautiful new building projects have gone up in Oslo in recent years, here are a few noteworthy highlights to check out.

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Royal Fun

Have you read the April issue of Viking? Royal enthusiasts should check out our “Royal Tour of Norway” feature. The 1,000-plus-year-old Norwegian monarchy is one of the oldest in the world. Throughout the years, more than 60 kings have claimed the throne.

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