Preserving Treasures

If you’re looking for a place to see Norwegian folk art and artifacts, head to the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum in Decorah, Iowa. With more than 24,000 artifacts, 12 historic buildings and more, it houses the world’s most extensive collection of Norwegian-American artifacts, and USA Today named Vesterheim one of 10 great places in the nation to admire American folk art. Vesterheim’s [...]

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Nordic-Inspired Gifts for Summer

Summer entertaining season has arrived! In Viking’s June issue, we rounded up 31 Scandinavian-inspired gifts that are sure to delight the newlyweds, hostesses, grads and kids in your life. Looking for more ideas? Check out these editor picks. Designed by Norm Architects, the MENU Bottle Grinder Spice Mill Set comes in several color combinations and features a minimalist design. Fill the [...]

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Oslo Chamber Choir on Limited Engagement Tour

For members on the East Coast, there is a unique cultural event coming up at the end of this month. From June 26-29 the Oslo Chamber Choir will be giving four performances as part of a limited-engagement tour that includes participation in the Washington DC Choral Festival and a special concert at the world famous Carnegie Hall. The Oslo Chamber Choir [...]

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Jakob Oftebro

<table border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" align="left"><tbody><tr><td><img src="/_asset/9d62hv/blog_post/JakobOftebro_HEIN-Photography.jpg" alt="" width="253" height="380" /></td> <td> </td> </tr><tr><td> Photo by Hein Photography.</td> <td> </td> </tr><tr><td> </td> <td> </td> </tr></tbody></table><p>You may recognize actor <a href="" target="_blank">Jakob Oftebro</a> from hit Norwegian films such as “Max Manus: Man of War” and “Kon-Tiki.” He graduated from The Norwegian Academy of Performing Arts 2007 and continued his studies at The Danish [...]

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Sons of Norway Recognized for Design Excellence

Sons of Norway is pleased to announce that its internal creative team has been recognized by an industry publication for its commitment to design excellence. Earlier this month, the American InHouse Design Awards announced its slate of 2015 award winners, which included Sons of Norway and three of its projects from last year: Sons of Norway’s Annual Report, the 2014 Christmas [...]

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Inspiring Teenager: Sema Dibooglu

When Sema Dibooglu was diagnosed with celiac disease, a condition known as gluten intolerance, she had to change her lifestyle. In 2013, she started a blog called “Eat Without Gluten.” On the blog, she posts recipes, tips and positive advice on living gluten-free. Sema says that one of the biggest challenges of being on a gluten-free diet is educating others. She’s [...]

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Handball Star Stine Bredal Oftedal

Are you a handball fan? The sport is a national pastime for Norwegians. In the May 2015 issue of Viking magazine, we had the pleasure of featuring handball player Stine Bredal Oftedal. She started playing with the Norwegian National Team in 2010. She’s won gold medals in several championship matches, including the World Championship in Brazil in 2011. Next year, Oftedal hopes to make her first Olympic appearance at [...]

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Mr. Heiberg Goes to Washington

You may remember from a few weeks ago that Sons of Norway asked you to participate in a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of Fraternal organizations, like ours, in the eyes of U.S. legislators. It was a great experience and, thanks to the efforts of our members, a successful one. To cap it all off, Sons of Norway’s CEO [...]

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“Alt for Norge” Winner Beth Butala

Last fall, Beth Butala won season 5 of “Alt for Norge,” the competition-based reality show where Norwegian-Americans travel to Norway and learn about their Norwegian heritage. Each contestant competes in challenges for the chance to win $50,000 and the opportunity to meet their relatives in Norway. In the April 2015 issue of Viking, we talked with the middle school teacher from Minnesota about her experience on the show and [...]

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More With Eskil Rønningsbakken

Eskil Rønningsbakken lives life on the edge—literally. The balance artist from Norway performs extreme balancing stunts atop dizzying heights around the world. His first major performance took place at Preikestolen in Norway in 2001, and now he gives workshops around the world. What’s on his bucket list this year? Balancing atop Machu Picchu in Peru and Angel Falls in Venezuela. Learn [...]

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