Norway’s Flag: Then and Now

June 7th marks the 112th anniversary of the dissolution of the United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway, leading to the independent Norway we know today. Along with independence, the break with Sweden also gave Norway its official flag that flies to this day. To mark the occasion, June 7th is one of sixteen official flag days where all Norwegians are encouraged [...]

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Entertainment for a Scandinavian Summer

Whether you’re looking to celebrate into the night or for a way to introduce Norwegian heritage to a new generation, here are a few ways to fill your summer with activity resources from Sons of Norway. Midsommer June 24 is Midsummer; one of the biggest summer celebrations in Scandinavia. It also coincides with the summer solstice, making it an ideal time [...]

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Hobbyists Uncover Bronze Age Hoard

Thanks to the curiosity of siblings Joakim and Jørgen Korstad and their metal detectors, a large cache of late Bronze Age artifacts have been uncovered in a field east of Trondheim. In January the pair made the first of the discoveries—nine axes, a spearhead, casting mold and fragment of what is likely a bronze lur (a horn-shaped wind instrument). Quickly alerting [...]

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Vinland’s Secrets to Success

Vinland lodge 6-159 in Temecula, CA, is excited about #Growingto2020 and looking toward the future! When the lodge began 2017, it had 57 members. In just four months it has grown by five members, bringing the lodge closer to its goal of increasing membership by 10 percent. Lodge President Caronne Van Nyhuis shared with us Vinland’s approach to making 2017 a [...]

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It’s Growing Season!

This time of year, the gardens and crops are sprouting. To help them grow properly they will need to be nurtured and cared for. This means watering and feeding in the hopes of a bountiful harvest come fall. Plants will also need protection from forces of nature, like hail and pests. In a lot of ways, your money is a lot [...]

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Syttende Mai: 10 Fun Facts

Hurra for Syttende Mai! Soon communities across North America and Norway will be waving their Norwegian flags, hosting parades and gathering in fellowship to commemorate Norway's Constitution Day. In honor of this special day, we’ve compiled 10 facts about the signing of the Norwegian Constitution at the National Assembly in Eidsvoll in 1814 as well as some details about how the [...]

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Youth Summer Camp Offers Norwegian Cultural Immersion – and Much More

Masse Moro is a Norwegian heritage camp located near Eau Claire, Wis., for youth who are 9-15 years old. This summer’s two-week cultural immersion experience takes place July 16-29, 2017. Here’s what one long-time camper, who later became a counselor and volunteer, had to say about her experience at Masse Moro: Masse Moro is truly a special place. Campers make friends [...]

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Alaskan Lodge Casts for New Members in Support of Growing to 2020

Weaving in the colorful history of Norwegian immigrants in Alaska, Bernt Balchen Lodge 2-46 President Terje “Ted” Birkedal took a creative approach with ramping up momentum for Sons of Norway’s 2017 recruitment campaign, Growing to 2020. In his April President’s Message in The Flyer, the lodge’s monthly newsletter, Birkedal provides an engaging overview that outlines how it came to be that [...]

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Style and Sustainability

In the May issue of Viking magazine, we interviewed Norwegian fashion designer Elisabeth Stray Pedersen. She runs two fashion lines: her own label called ESP and Lillunn, a legacy brand in Norway. Pedersen specializes in high-quality apparel made from pure Norwegian wool with an innovative twist. Within every garment is her passion for sustainable and ethical fashion. Here’s more from the [...]

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Kindred Spirits: The Many Varietals of Aquavit

Aquavit is no longer exclusive to the Nordic regions of the world. It currently hails from at least seven countries and a dozen states across the U.S. In addition to the caraway-infused classic, there are more varieties of aquavit than may be imagined. While Norway claims two producers that own 15 brands of the spirit, the northwest states of Oregon and [...]

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