Remembering Lyle Berge

It is with great sadness and shock that we have learned of the passing of Lyle Berge, a devoted member, cherished friend and International Director from District 6. Over the years Lyle made an impact on everyone with whom he came into contact. As a tribute to him, I’d like to share some reflections on his altruism and commitment from the International [...]

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Ambassador Heins Sworn In

It’s official—the United States now has an Ambassador for Norway! As you probably heard, Samuel Heins was appointed by President Obama and recently confirmed for the position. Last Thursday he was officially sworn in, completing the process.This is excellent news for both Norway and the United States, as having someone in this important diplomatic position will help strengthen the bond that exists [...]

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The Very Model of a 21st Century Ambassador

For a number of years now Social Media has been a prime component of our culture. It’s how we get our news, it’s can be the source of entertainment and a conduit for sharing our joys and concerns. It’s pervaded almost every area of modern day life, from the cereal we eat for breakfast to the books we read before bedtime. [...]

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Scandinavian Quartet Åkervinda

Vocal quartet Åkervinda adds modern flair to Scandinavia folk songs. The members of the group, Linda, Lise and Agnes, met while they were studying jazz music. They’ve performed throughout Scandinavian and North America and hope to have new music to share by the end of this year. Read more about them in the February 2016 issue of Viking and see more [...]

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More With Odd Nordstoga

Musician Odd Nordstoga grew up in Telemark, Norway, with a strong sense of folk-music culture that’s shaped the artist he is today. He debuted as a recording artist in 1997 with the band called Something Odd. In 2004, Nordstoga signed a major-label recording deal with Universal Music and released his solo album, “Luring,” which features a mix of folk-pop songs. The [...]

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Happy Founder’s Day

Tomorrow is a big day! A momentous day where we all wear our membership pins with pride; a day where hearty congratulations and words of good will shall spring forth from the lips of Sons of Norway members everywhere because tomorrow is Sons of Norway’s Founders’ Day! That’s right, 121 years ago 18 Norwegian immigrants who had started a new life [...]

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More with Ståle Sandbech

In the January 2016 issue of Viking magazine, we caught up with professional snowboarder Ståle Sandbech. The 22-year-old hails from Rykkin, just 30 minutes outside of Oslo. He’s been snowboarding since the age of eight and had the biggest moment of his career in 2014 when he won a silver medal at the Sochi Olympic Games. At the end of this month, [...]

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Stein Eriksen: The Heart of Skiing

By now you’ve probably heard about the passing of one skiing’s greatest contributors, Stein Eriksen. However, rather than mourning this sad occasion we want to take a moment and celebrate his life and the contributions he made to the world of skiing.As one of the most recognized names in the ski world, Stein Eriksen was synonymous with skiing style and elegance for [...]

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Sons of Norway Marks the Passing of Former Board Member

It is with and a heavy heart that we must report to our members on the passing of one of our own. Ernst Granly, a former International Director for Sons of Norway and good friend to the Headquarters staff passed away on December 15, surrounded by his loving family. Ernst, who turned 71 earlier this year, was a man of joy [...]

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