Useful phrases Pronunciation English
Unnskyld! oohn-sheell Excuse me / sorry!
Hjelp! jehlp Help!
Vær så god! vaer soh goo Please (as in "please help yourself")
Takk for nå. takk for noh Thank you for this time together.
God sommer! goo sohm-mer Have a nice summer!
God tur! goo tewhr Have a nice trip!


More numbers Pronunciation English
tjueen kjew-eh-ehn* twenty-one
tjueto kjew-eh-too twenty-two
tjuetre kjew-eh-treh twenty-three
tjuefire kjew-eh-fee-reh twenty-four
tjuefem kjew-eh-fehmm twenty-five
tjueseks kjew-eh-sehks twenty-six
tjuesju kjew-eh-shew twenty-seven
tjueåtte kjew-eh-oht-teh twenty-eight
tjueni kjew-eh-ni twenty-nine
tretti treht-tee thirty
førti fuhr-tee forty
femti fehmm-tee fifty
seksti sehks-tee sixty
sytti suht-tee seventy
åtti oht-tee eighty
nitti neet-tee ninety
hundre hewn-dreh hundred
tusen tew-sehn thousand
*Note: the "kj" sound is a cross between "sh" and "ch"